10 Tips (Keys) To God’s Overflow|Yemi Davids

10 Tips (Keys) To God's Overflow

1.Have Faith In God

God’s obsession is to be believed, His pain is to be doubted. Nothing moves God-like faith in His capacity as revealed in scriptures. What you don’t believe, you don’t become. One master key to the blessing of overflow is FAITH. I’m not referring to a mere mental agreement that God can and will do it for you. “And the world becomes flesh”. We must build faith to the extent that we begin to see the promises become flesh. Faith comes by hearing and hearing (by) the word of God.

2.Speak Out In Faith

We believe therefore we speak. When faith is in the heart, the next creative force as revealed in Mark 11:23 is to give voice to your faith and speak the Word. God’s promises decreed from a heart of faith, constitutes a creative force. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Having built faith through God’s word, we must continually speak in agreement. Do not speak the circumstance, speak the promise, and the promise will change the circumstance.

3. Walk Perpetually Under The Influence Of The Anointing
The anointing is the power of God. What happened in Acts 2 was not a mistake, where 120 people were gathered in the upper room and with the release of the Holy Spirit, there was an outpouring of fresh power, fresh ability, supernatural ability on them. And with this divine ability came the power to accomplish better results. Friends, you need the anointing.

4. Understand The Law Of The Seed

The seeds of today are the harvest of tomorrow’. For whatsoever a man sows that shall (a man) also reap. We must be smart in covenant matters. Seeds to advance the kingdom of God, in the form of cash, kind or otherwise, are points of contact for the overflow. I think it is in time of need that we should be eager to sow seeds in God’s kingdom. And beyond the seed, it becomes a kind of sacrifice and with it comes uncommon harvest. Overflow seed creates overflow harvest Whatever we sow, we will reap. Determining your seed is determining in your harvest. I believe if we want to enjoy the blessing of overflow, we must sow seeds of overflow as the Holy Spirit gives us an opportunity. We should learn to bless others.

5. Honour God’s Prophets

He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s rewards. Prophets are reward carriers they are messengers of God with peculiar anointing and results in various areas. When we honour such prophets and learn to sow seeds into that anointing, it will work wonders for us. Not every Ministry, Church or Man of God is right for our seed sowing, we must walk with the Holy Spirit to guide our seed sowing for maximum yield.

6. Develop Patience & Trust In God

God’s perfect will take God’s time. I believe the overflow dimension takes covenant time to produce anon that is where the force of patience comes in as much as we are expecting the overflow, we should not try to “help” God by interfering with the process or acting out in the flesh. In His time, He makes all things beautiful, particularly if you have sown seeds.

7. Seek Divine Direction

God made places before He made people. Geography matters even in destiny! There is a place called ‘there’. I believe that our overflow is in the place ordained and appointed by God. Jesus told Peter in John 21:6 to cast their net on the right side of the ship, to catch the multitudes. There is a ‘right’ side and a direction by the spirit for the blessing of overflow to come through. Wherever God leads, there he commands provision and blessings.

8. Appreciate Hard work

The blessing of overflow is not for the lazy. It is effective for those who give in their best; in fact, the overflow is most often a kind of harvest for the extra input you make. The overflow is not for the lazy. Always strive to be better.

9. Avoid wastage

‘Gather the remnant and let nothing be wasted’ John 6:12. The blessing of overflow is not an excuse for waste. Those who will continuously enjoy the blessing of overflow are those who have learnt to manage “the excess” with wisdom and not to waste. Waste stops the blessing. Jesus said to gather the remnant and let nothing be wasted.

10. Develop A Heart Of Thanksgiving

This could also have been the first key to the overflow. Until you are grateful for the little, it won’t amount to much. Thanksgiving is the key to multiplication. When you APPRECIATE God for what you have, things begin to APPRECIATE. When you thank Him for the 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fishes, rather than saying ‘what is this among so many’, then God will give you the capacity to feed the 5000. Only the grateful becomes and remains great. You cannot move from blessing to blessing, from glory to higher levels of glory, without acknowledging the acts of God.

Culled From The Blessing Of Overflow by Yemi Davids
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