31 Success Secrets From The Life Of Joseph – A Devotional Study | YEMI DAVIDS.

Success Secrets 1 – 10

Joseph was a complete success. He lived a fulfilling life and his end was much better in comparison to his beginning. Looking at the life of Joseph, I could not but glean powerful lessons which I have dubbed “the success secrets from the life of Joseph”. His exemplary life is most relevant to our generation, as we seem to face the same myriad of challenges.

  1. Joseph had a dream
    Joseph had dreams and those dreams were the discovery of his purpose. Open up, God wants to use you. Let go of mediocrity in the name of Christianity. Light is the master of the world. You are called to set the pace an excellent pace. Start dreaming; you are free to dream.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Genesis 37:9
  2. Joseph believed the dream
    Joseph was seventeen years old when he had a dream of greatness. Joseph believed and received the dream. In simplicity, believe whatever God has revealed to you. ‘Believe the dream’. “Every dream put in your heart by God is a proof that it can be attained” It is not enough to have His dream; we have to believe His dream.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: 1 Corinthians 1:26-27
  3. Joseph spoke the dream
    More often than not, our circumstance does not match His grand promises. We are tempted to speak the circumstance, rather than the promise. Look beyond the giants. Speak the promise. Speak the dream. This is not hyped to make you feel good, this is the covenant. God intends our words to agree with His plans. It gives Him the legal right to perform. Our confession still remains our possession. Let loose your tongue and start creating a new world for yourself. All that God said, He saw and they turned out to be very good. Agree with Him and speak His words. Speak the dream.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Numbers 14:28-30 NIV
  4. Joseph was an excited dreamer
    Joseph was undoubtedly a very joyful person. Looking at the myriad of challenges he went through, he had “reasons” to be depressed. He was falsely accused and imprisoned. Joseph was exceptionally joyful. Only an active and excited man could have been given the right to lead. He exhibited strength, which is a product of joy.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Proverbs 15:15 AMP
  5. Joseph waited for his time
    God works with time and He dictates when to carry out His majestic plans. There is no shame to them that wait for Him. Actually, that is how God operates. When He gives a dream, He allows enough time of isolation and preparation. Time spent preparing is never wasted. It was said of John the Baptist that he was “in the wilderness until the time of showing forth”. Time for preparation is not equal to the time of manifestation. We must respect our time of isolation.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Hebrews 10: 35
  6. Joseph practised hospitality
    Joseph, throughout his days, was given to hospitality. He treated his superiors and brothers with courtesy. We must remember that a man can never be truly successful without a strong attitude of courtesy. It is an indispensable ingredient of success.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Roman 12:13
  7. Joseph feared God
    Joseph stands as a perfect example of a man with covenant fear. This was one of his greatest secrets. It was the umpire that kept him from sin and recklessness. He was humble enough to know that God is the giver of dreams and opportunities and categorically said to Potiphar’s wife – “How then can I do this great evil and sin against God?” He considered his act through the spectacles of God’s feelings. He revered, respected and honoured God.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Hebrews 12:28-29
  8. Joseph fled Immorality
    Adultery is fatal. It is a deadly sin of which Solomon spoke; it “reduces a man to a loaf of bread”. Without mincing words, adultery or fornication does not promote, it reduces and demotes a person. Joseph fled fornication. He had a grand opportunity ‘to sin with Potiphar’s wife. This was a fatal situation, considering the fact that it was the woman initiating the deal. It could have been covered and maybe Joseph would have kept his job
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Proverbs 5: I7
  9. Joseph was a hard worker
    Joseph was a hard worker. I am amazed at his work ethic. He worked so hard that the management of Potiphar’s entire house was handed to him. Evidently, he was a man of excellence. Potiphar’s house prospered. Joseph maintained his record even in prison. Hard work pays; it will provide needed experience and promotion. No wonder Joseph could handle the entire country when Pharaoh committed all into his hands.
    SCRIPTURAL FOCUS: Proverbs 14:23
  10. Joseph was faithful and fruitful
    One amazing factor about the man, Joseph was his unusual capacity for faithfulness. The ladder to his greatness shows the excellent touch on his job. Joseph was faithful in Potiphar’s house. In spite of his life-threatening circumstance, Joseph administered everything in Potiphar’s house. He became an administrator even in prison. This was Joseph’s qualification, for how we handle little determines how we handle much. Joseph qualified to administer a whole nation.

Culled from 31 SUCCESS SECRETS from the life of JOSEPH – A Devotional Study | YEMI DAVIDS.

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